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    Leather goods
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Soft materials solutions

Borlis Lab and Design Office

Design office

From designing the process through to producing a special machine just for your particular project, using your own equipment or ours, the Borlis design studio is always on hand.

Borlis offers a wide range of solutions with services provided in-house or via its Réseau du Bellay partners: digital, laser or water jet cutting, 3D printing, designing mock-ups and prototypes etc.

Borlis can design and build specific equipment required for your project.


The Borlis Lab formula enables you to experiment in vivo, test out your hypotheses, or trial a new process or a new material.

This gives you access to one of the five members of our design office as well as our entire range of technical solutions including our specialist machinery: testing will be carried out in your presence by appointment. For more information, contact the design office.

As you outsource production of your growing business, are you keen to keep it in France and make sure you can still monitor quality? We can put together a comprehensive technical dossier including plans, production lists, methods, production and monitoring ranges and timescales. For more information, contact us.

Our specialisms

Cutting/Colouring/Perforating/Welding/Bonding/Automatic stitching/Shaping/Components and sub-assemblies

Leather and textile trims/Sheathing/Micro leather goods/Small leather goods Saddle stitching, edge turning, edge colouring, assembling onto noble metals, hot stamping, creasing, gilding, embossing, stitching, assembly, finishing, quality control.