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    Leather goods
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Titre page

Soft materials solutions

Leather and fabric sheathing and trims

Piping, straps, laces, flat or rounded plaiting, fringing, tassels (see our tassels), stitched or glued braids (from 1.6mm to 20mm), spaghettis, bindings, edgings, cords etc.

We are completely flexible to meet your specific needs and materials, whether you are working with leather, silk, knit, warp and weft woven fabrics, wool, coated fabrics etc.

Our shape dictionaries offer you a choice of solutions that can easily be personalised by our design office. Using a range of assembly methods such as adhesive bonding, stitching or high frequency and ultrasound welding means that various combinations are possible. Such assemblies can range from biasing that is not always as simple as it appears, for just 50 linear metres (i.e. 2 linear metre width) to the most sophisticated straps.

Sheathing and shaping: manual, assisted or automated, individual or roll-to-roll; we have the solution.

Colouring, creasing, polishing: from bespoke pieces to mass produced components, our teams are trained in the most demanding techniques.

Equipped with our own micro-coating line, we can help you choose your graining or colour, or colour-match to your existing choices. Unique in Europe, our Bipass process means that 150 linear metre reels of piping, straps, edgings and other coated cloth shapes without joins or seams.


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